• Does your child have trouble using words, correct grammar, or forming sentences? I can help!

  • Do you have difficulty understanding your child's speech? Does your child's speech direct the attention of others?
    I can help!

  • Does your child have difficulty understanding what others say? Are following oral directions challenging? I can help!

  • Does your child show challenges using language socially with peers? I can help!


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  • Diagnostic Speech Evaluations

    Diagnostic Evaluations

    A diagnostic evaluation provides a comprehensive in-depth analysis of a child’s communication skills. The evaluation serves as a starting point to develop a speech-language therapy program.

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  • Speech & Language Therapy

    Speech & Language Therapy

    Speech and language therapy involves the treatment of communication difficulties. Therapy is designed to increase a child's communication skills in the areas of either speech or language, or both skill areas.

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  • Speech Therapy Consultations


    Consultations are provided to discuss parental concerns for their child's speech and language skills.

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  • Preschool Screenings

    Pre-School Screenings

    A preschool screening provides a brief review of a child’s communication skills. Screenings are used to determine the need for more comprehensive testing and they are usually completed in 15-20 minutes.

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About Me

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Photo of Karen Twomey

Karen W. Twomey, M.S., CCC/SLP

Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist
Karen is a Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who offers pediatric speech and language therapy, diagnostic evaluations, and consultative services for students ages 2 through 18 years with an emphasis on preschool and elementary age children. Karen began working privately in 2010 and she is a provider for Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Tufts Health Plan, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and MassHealth. Karen sees students in her Abington MA office.
  • "Karen has been my son's speech therapist for over a year and his progress is remarkable. A year ago, he couldn't even ask for a glass of milk. Now he engages other children on the playground and they can actually understand him! Karen is an energetic, engaging, and supportive professional who has excellent rapport with my son. Karen has helped me understand his disability, further his progress at home, and be his advocate."

    Brockton, MA
  • “Ms. Twomey has developed an excellent working relationship with my son, my husband, and myself. She has kept our son motivated and has provided him with appropriate and engaging homework. Due to her hard work, he for the first time can correctly articulate many sounds that previously he could not make. In fact Ms. Twomey has had such great success that he now has graduated from speech therapy!”

    Lexington, MA
  • “Karen Twomey has worked with my grandson, his speech has improved that he now speaks clear and can be understood. She is amazing with how she worked wonders with him. She also informs me how to help with his weekly lesson. We look forward to the help and growth of our grandson’s speech. We highly recommend Karen Twomey.”

    Nana & Papa
    Stoughton, MA
  • “In the short amount of time my son has been going to see Mrs. Karen Twomey, it’s already made such a big difference in his speech. She is very patient with him and brings his interests into play, which is huge for his attention span. Mrs. Twomey even went out of her way to get puzzles of trucks & machines for their learning sessions, which is why I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone who goes beyond for her sessions. Thank you for all of your work!”

    Holbrook, MA
  • “We are so appreciative of the work Karen did with our son. She was able to get him to overcome his disability and realize tremendous progress. Today because of Karen's work he continues to make great improvement. Thanks Karen!”

    Illona and Jim
    Parents of a Saugus Student
  • “Karen has an unfailing ability to reach out to children who have language needs and, with her quiet voice and welcoming words, helps children feel valued and competent. In her gentle yet consistent way she holds all students to task, never allowing them to give up or perceive themselves as failures.”

    Roberta A. Pelkey
    Former Head Teacher/ Director
    PALS Program, Lexington Public Schools
  • "As a Speech and Language Pathologist, Karen demonstrates extraordinary diagnostic skills; always able to use testing to rule out or recognize a language difficulty and then begin to remediate it. She has a firm understanding of the skills necessary to carry this out."

    Anne Mullen
    Reading / Language Specialist
    Former Specialist, Concord Public Schools