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  • Diagnostic Speech Evaluations

    Diagnostic Evaluations

    Diagnostic evaluations include the administration of one or more standardized speech and language tests that serve as “tools” the examiner uses to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses in a variety of speech-language skill areas. During these formal measures, your child is engaged in a series of structured listening and speaking tasks that include viewing test pictures and/or manipulating toys. Your child’s scores are converted to standard scores and percentiles based on his/her chronological age to obtain a performance level. Examiner observations are also a part of formal testing. Informal activities are included and they are useful to observe your child’s skills in other contexts; such as, in general conversation, during play, or while telling a story, etc. Completion of a language skills inventory or checklist is another tool that may be useful to the diagnostic process. Typically, evaluations are administered within 1 to 2 hours and they may be completed in a couple of sessions. A written evaluation report with recommendations is provided to parents / guardians upon completion of scoring and analysis of all data. If your child has recently had an evaluation, additional testing may not be necessary to begin therapy services.

  • Speech & Language Therapy

    Speech & Language Therapy

    Speech and language therapy involves teaching the child progressive approximations toward achieving their targeted speech sounds or language goals. The speech-language pathologist works with the student at his/her own level and pace using a variety of engaging developmentally appropriate activities designed to build upon the child’s successes. A child may require therapy services to address needs in both speech and language areas, or difficulties may be confined to one skill area. Speech and language therapy sessions are scheduled in 1 hour blocks with 45-50 minutes of direct therapy and 10-15 minutes provided for consultation with parents or caregivers.

  • Speech & Language Consultations

    Speech & Language Consultations

    Consultations are provided to discuss parental concerns for their child’s speech and language skills. Consultations may also include an informal observation of your child to determine if additional speech-language therapy is needed. Consultations are also available to review results of testing from other examiners and provide suggestions for program planning purposes.

  • Pre-School Speech Therapy Screenings

    Pre-School Screenings

    A preschool screening will provide general information regarding your child’s listening and speaking skills using a standardized screening instrument as well as examiner observations of the following areas: speech production, fluency, voice, receptive and expressive language (vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and conversational skills).

  • "Karen has been my son's speech therapist for over a year and his progress is remarkable. A year ago, he couldn't even ask for a glass of milk. Now he engages other children on the playground and they can actually understand him! Karen is an energetic, engaging, and supportive professional who has excellent rapport with my son. Karen has helped me understand his disability, further his progress at home, and be his advocate."

    Brockton, MA
  • “Ms. Twomey has developed an excellent working relationship with my son, my husband, and myself. She has kept our son motivated and has provided him with appropriate and engaging homework. Due to her hard work, he for the first time can correctly articulate many sounds that previously he could not make. In fact Ms. Twomey has had such great success that he now has graduated from speech therapy!”

    Lexington, MA
  • “Karen Twomey has worked with my grandson, his speech has improved that he now speaks clear and can be understood. She is amazing with how she worked wonders with him. She also informs me how to help with his weekly lesson. We look forward to the help and growth of our grandson’s speech. We highly recommend Karen Twomey.”

    Nana & Papa
    Stoughton, MA
  • “In the short amount of time my son has been going to see Mrs. Karen Twomey, it’s already made such a big difference in his speech. She is very patient with him and brings his interests into play, which is huge for his attention span. Mrs. Twomey even went out of her way to get puzzles of trucks & machines for their learning sessions, which is why I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone who goes beyond for her sessions. Thank you for all of your work!”

    Holbrook, MA
  • “We are so appreciative of the work Karen did with our son. She was able to get him to overcome his disability and realize tremendous progress. Today because of Karen's work he continues to make great improvement. Thanks Karen!”

    Illona and Jim
    Parents of a Saugus Student
  • “Karen has an unfailing ability to reach out to children who have language needs and, with her quiet voice and welcoming words, helps children feel valued and competent. In her gentle yet consistent way she holds all students to task, never allowing them to give up or perceive themselves as failures.”

    Roberta A. Pelkey
    Former Head Teacher/ Director
    PALS Program, Lexington Public Schools
  • "As a Speech and Language Pathologist, Karen demonstrates extraordinary diagnostic skills; always able to use testing to rule out or recognize a language difficulty and then begin to remediate it. She has a firm understanding of the skills necessary to carry this out."

    Anne Mullen
    Reading / Language Specialist
    Former Specialist, Concord Public Schools